Junior iOS / Full Stack Developer

Are you passionate and curious about tech? Would you like to enhance your skills by learning from experienced developers? Then come and join the small and focused tech team at Ka-ching.

The opportunity

You have the chance to shape one of the digital sales tools, that retailers and salespeople will be working within the years to come. You’ll be working closely with Morten and Bo (the masterminds behind Ka-ching) to help shape and build the future of our tools and products.

You'd spend your time developing and improving existing projects, for example:

  • Four iOS apps (written using a style of MVVM and RxSwift)
  • A web back-office written in React / TypeScript 
  • A microservice infrastructure running on Firebase and written in TypeScript

We expect

  • BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject
  • A couple of years experience developing and maintaining iOS applications using Swift
  • That you leave the code better off than you found it

We value

  • A strong sense of responsibility
  • A drive to always continue learning
  • Creativity and an eye for details
  • Discussions on architecture, trade-offs, edge cases and toughest of them all: naming :-)
  • Experience with React, Typescript and Node.js applications would be considered a plus

We provide

  • A wealth of experience and knowledge about Swift, iOS and much more
  • An environment for learning
  • Reasonably established best practices around testing, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
  • An agile environment where no two days are the same

Work Anywhere

Ka-ching is digital by default. As one of the first companies in Denmark, we introduced the concept of Work Anywhere, which basically means that our employees can decide where they want to work, on a given day. 

We believe 100% in our employees and it is not just something we say. We fundamentally believe that, if we provide a strong purpose and a great working environment, we will get motivated employees and that is all that matters.

Part of a great working environment is the social contract between employees, which we take special care of, now that we are not forced to go to the office every day. So a part of Work Anywhere, is that we meet up every 2 or 3 weeks, for a joint company session, which can be located anywhere we decide it to be. 

Consider working for Ka-ching, if you want to try the Work Anywhere principle. We believe it is the future way of working.

Danish TV2 Østjylland about the Work Anywhere concept.

How to apply

Interested? Get in touch and tell us why you’re the one for us. Share your work and your thoughts. If you have a GitHub repository, include it in your application, otherwise please include any other showcase of your work. 

Due. Covid-19 we are waiting to call people in for an interview, but that does not mean we would not like to read your application. So send us an application and we will grab you when we are back in the office.

Please email us at jobs@ka-ching.dk with the subject “Junior iOS / Full Stack Developer”.

We look forward to reading your application! 🚀

About Ka-ching

Ka-ching was founded in 2017 with a team of experts working on e-commerce, mobile solutions, usability and marketing strategy for many years. The mission is clear, namely to solve a significant and current problem in our society: the death of the physical store.

The vision is to bring online data into the hands of every employee of the company, who has any kind of customer contact. All of your employees can basically “Know every product & Know every customer” through the Ka-ching app. And it is 100% mobile.

Ka-ching currently has offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen and employs 12 employees in development, sales and marketing.