Retail has developed a lot during the past decade. We have now entered a new decade, and with that comes new challenges and new trends, all of which will shape retail further. We have invited prominent individuals from the retail business to talk about some of the trends and challenges they think will affect retail in the years to come. 

#1 video

Niels Ralund, CEO hos FDIH

In this video, Niels Ralund points several challenges out, which he thinks retail will face in the years to come. Among these, Niels thinks that it's important to treat all customers alike - online shoppers as well as physical shoppers.

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#2 video

Kenneth Boll, CEO at Raptor Services

According to Kenneth Boll, one of the big challenges in this decade is consolidations of data to get a better understanding of the customer journey. In this video, Kenneth suggests a solution to this challenge.

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#3 video

Anna Katrine Matthiesen, Account Manager at Vertica

Anna Katrine Matthiesen believes that one of the trends affecting retail in the upcoming years is Direct-to-Consumer. In this video, Anna Katrine gives several examples of companies who already make use of this trend. 

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#4 video

Ramus Houlind, Chief Strategy Officer at Agillic

Rasmus Houlind believes that especially three challenges will be major in the new decade - among other the extinction of the existing channel conflict. In this video, Rasmus addresses all three challenges.  

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#5 vidoe

Dennis Østergaard, Senior Key Accountant Manager at Apsis

Supply and demand will still be an opportunity and a great challenge for a lot of retailers, Dennis Østergaard believes. In this video, Dennis will tell what factors are important, if companies want to do well in the coming years. 

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#6 video

Casper Edens, Entrepreneur, Retail Vækst

In this video, Casper Edens emphasises what retailers have to do right now in order to get unscathed through the Corona crisis. Casper believes that the most important move is for the retailers to think out of the box.  

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#7 video

Kasper Ebsen, CEO at Kynetic

Kasper Ebsen believes that one of the biggest challenges retailers will face in the new decade is the ability to centralise data and break down silos between systems. In this video, Kasper suggests possible solutions to this challenge. 

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#8 video

Michael Christiansen, Professional board member, Advisor and investor

Price has always been an important factor in the retail business and Michael Christiansen believes that it's still a challenge. In this video, Michael explains why he believes that retailers' biggest challenge is their work with their prices. 

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#9 video

Peter Schjødt, Digital Athlete at Plead

Peter Schjødt believes that the foundation for retailers' success today is the digital customer journey. In this video, Peter explains why it's important that retailers do what they have always done as long as they also do it digitally. 

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#10 video

Mads Kvejborg, Digital Marketing Specialist hos Kynetic

In this video, Mads Kvejborg explains what tendencies he believes we'll see in the upcoming decade. Among others, Mads believes that the coming tendencies will connect the digital and the physical buying experience. 

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#11 video

Adam Peter Nielsen, CTO hos Novicell

Adam Peter Nielsen explains in this video why retailers have to stop thinking in online and offline and instead only think in commerce. Adam believes that one of the biggest challenges in the coming decade is priorities. 

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#12 video

Ruben Nielsen, Senior Business Manager at Valitor

One of the tendencies and challenges retail business face is omnichannel, Ruben Nielsen believes. In this video, Ruben maps out the importance of the ability to bridge the gap between online sales and in-store sales, so you can get to know your customers. 

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#13 video

Kasper Dorby, Head of Digital Marketing at JYSK

In this video, Kasper Dorby explains that one of the biggest challenges retail business will face in the upcoming decade is the understanding of the fact that customers' needs vary from channel to channel and from business to business. 

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