Kasper ebsen

#7 TrendyTwenties 

Kasper Ebsen believes that one of the biggest challenges retailers will face in the new decade is the ability to centralise data and break down silos between systems. In this video, Kasper suggests possible solutions to this challenge.


Trends and challenges in the new decade
  • Bridge online and offline
  • The ability to centralise data and break down silos between systems 

Michael Christiansen

Price has always been an important factor in the retail business and Michael Christiansen believes that it's still a challenge. In this video, Michael explains why he believes that retailers' biggest challenge is their work with their prices.

Peter Schjødt

Peter Schjødt believes that the foundation for retailers' success today is the digital customer journey. In this video, Peter explains why it's important that retailers do what they have always done as long as they also do it digitally.

Mads Kvejborg

In this video, Mads Kvejborg explains what tendencies he believes we'll see in the upcoming decade. Among others, Mads believes that the coming tendencies will connect the digital and the physical buying experience.

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