Version 11

TAS mode, Episerver & Ucommerce integration, product attributes and more!

Fall is upon us, and we are ready with version 11 of Ka-ching just in time for Black Friday and the Christmas shopping 🎄

💵 TAS mode

With version 11, a new mode in Ka-ching is available. Tablet Assisted Selling (TAS) mode is accessible in the whole store, both by the sales associates and the customers. When enabling TAS mode, barcode scanning through build-in camera is possible, and a barcode sign will become visible in the product view, the basket, and when searching for a product.

When scanning the barcode, all the details of the specific product will pop up. Thus your store associates are capable of supplying the customer with product details in no time.

⚙️ Integration with Episerver

We are now integrated with Episerver. This Episerver add-on aims at making it easy to use the excellent capabilities and information in Episerver Commerce as a sales tool in retail stores by integrating with Ka-ching.

When the add-on is installed, it listens for commerce data change events, and if configured with import URLs, it will send the updated data to Ka-ching.

The Episerver integration is Open Source and can be downloaded from Github and soon available from Episerver Marketplace. Get a sneak peek here:

⚙️ Integration with Ucommerce

Our integration with Episerver is not the only we proudly can announce in this version. We can also introduce an integration with Ucommerce.

The Ka-ching app for Ucommerce adds automatic synchronisation of Products and Categories from Ucommerce to Products, Tags and Folder hierarchies in Ka-ching. The app can be configured to provide mappings of Ucommerce Price Groups to Ka-ching Markets as well as Ucommerce Culture Codes to Ka-ching Language codes. For even more customisation, you can freely edit the source code to provide custom logic.

The Ucommerce integration is Open Source and can be downloaded from GitHub and soon available on Ucommerce Market. 

🏷 Product Attributes

You can now add attributes to your products from the Back Office. The attributes become visible along with the product details of a specific product in Ka-ching, and they can be listed in a manageable table. An attribute could be colour, size or fabric.

🌁 Manageable pictures

It is now possible to configure how the product pictures are scaled. Now, the product images can be scaled automatically in order to optimise your product view.

🖥 Advanced Back Office

The back office has a section for 'advanced configuration'. It will typically be used by integrators to configure and monitor integrations for external systems. We have moved two new parts from Modules to an independent side in the Advanced section. Currently, the advanced configuration covers:

  • Import-integrations
  • Export integrations (webhooks)
  • Runtime integrations
  • Shopify integrations 
  • Email integrations

And as always...

Remember to update all of your Ka-ching Apps and make sure they are on the same version.

What's New in Ka-ching version 13

We can probably all agree that the world is upside down at the moment. But despite hard times, we need to keep things going and prepare us for when things get back to normal! 

Today, we are excited to introduce new customer identification capabilities, Click & Collect and much more to further the experience for our customers. Read on to see what’s new in version 13.

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