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🔥 Introducing TrendyTwenties 🔥

A new decade has only just begun. An in light of this, we have invited prominent individuals from the retail business to talk about some of the trends and challenges they think will affect retail in the years to come. 

#1 video – Anders Stentebjerg, CMO at Ka-ching

In the first video of TrendyTwenties Anders Stentebjerg, our very own CMO, shortly presents our new initiative and what you can expect from this.

#2 video – Niels Ralund, CEO at FDIH

In this video, Niels outlines some of the challenges he believes retail is facing. Amongst others, he thinks it is essential to treat every customer alike - also the ones shopping online ✅ Hear all of his arguments in the video 📹

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#3 video - Kenneth Boll, CEO at Raptor Services

“The customer journey is extremely fragmented, and in order to understand this, we believe that the biggest challenge today and in the future is about the consolidation of data.” In this video you can hear what Kenneth believes can be a solution to his outlined challenge 🙌

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#4 video – Anna Katrine Matthiesen, Account Manager at Vertica

As Account Manager at Vertica, Anna Katrine Matthiesen daily works with trends and tendency within e-commerce.

Anna believes one of the trends that will affect retail in the years to come will be the Direct to Consumer-trend. As inspiration Anna suggests you look up Frank Body, Museum of Ice Cream or Parachute.

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#5 video – Rasmus Houlind, Chief Strategy Officer at Agillic 

Rasmus Houlind is Chief Strategy Officer at Agillic.

Rasmus believes one of the challenges in the years to come will be proving the effect of digital marketing on a sale performed in a physical store. 

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#6 video – Dennis Østergaard, Senior Key Account Manager at Apsis

“Price and supply will still be an opportunity and a limitation for many. If you want to make it in this game, I believe it is important to build relations and know your customers”.

Apsis provide personal and scalable data-driven solutions for marketing automation, e-commerce, lead-generating, segmentation and email marketing. In this video, you get to hear Dennis Østergaard from Apsis tell some of his predictions for 2020 and beyond.

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#7 video – Casper Edens, Iværksætter, Retail Vækst

It can hardly surprise anyone that the retail business these days face an immense challenges. In today’s video Casper Edens presents his suggestion on what stores can do to survive right now.

Casper Edens is an entrepreneur who focuses on making shop owners their own growth creators, and these days he encourages stores to think outside the box.

Learn about Retail Vækst here https://retailvæ


#8 video – Kasper Ebsen, CEO at Kynetic

March 24, 2020

“To be precise, the challenge is, first and foremost, the ability to centralize data and to break down silos between systems.”

Kasper Ebsen is CEO at Kynetic, and in this video, you can hear more about what he believes can be a solution to his outlined challenge 🙌🏼

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 #9 video – Michael Christiansen, Professional Board Member, Advisor and Investor

March 26, 2020

Michael Christiansen is a professional Board member, advisor and investor. 

Michael believes one of the challenges in the years to come will be the retailer’s ability to work with their pricing in order to stay relevant.


#10 video – Peter Schjødt, Digital Athlete at Plead

March 31, 2020

With his 11 years of experience with digital media, Peter Schjødt from Plead believes that the foundation of success today is a digital customer journey. 

To achieve this, retailers only need to do what they’ve always been doing - they just have to do this digital too.


#11 video – Mads Kvejborg, Digital Marketing Specialist at Kynetic

April 2, 2020

Mads Kvejborg is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Kynetic, and he believes that if offer an extra service in your store, there are many options of up-selling as well as making them come back later.

In this video, Mads outlines some of the challenges he believes will affect the retail business as well as some solutions on how to overcome them.

#12 video – Adam Peter Nielsen, CTO at Novicell

April 7, 2020

“We need to look at this as just commerce - not online or offline.”

Adam Peter Nielsen is CTO at Novicell, and in this video, you can hear more about what he believes will be one of the biggest challenges retail will be facing the years to come 🙌🏼

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#13 video – Ruben Nielsen, Senior Business Manager at Valitor

April 9, 2020

Ruben Nielsen is Senior Business Manager at Valitor, and he believes that one of the trends and challenges the retail business is facing, is omnichannel. 

In this video, Ruben outlines the importance of the ability to bridge the gap between the online and in-store sales, to learn to know your customer.

Learn more about Valitor here

#14 video – Kasper Dorby, Head of Digital Marketing at JYSK

June 3, 2020

“It is important to understand that the customers need is different from channel to channel and that it will vary from business to business what kind of need one as a customer has.”

Despite a small break in our TrendyTwenties campaign, we are now back with this exciting video from Kasper Dorby, Head of Digital Marketing at JYSK. Take a look and learn more about what kind of challenge Kasper thinks retail is facing in the decade to come. 

What's New in Ka-ching version 13

We can probably all agree that the world is upside down at the moment. But despite hard times, we need to keep things going and prepare us for when things get back to normal! 

Today, we are excited to introduce new customer identification capabilities, Click & Collect and much more to further the experience for our customers. Read on to see what’s new in version 13.

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