Cloud POS for the next generation of retail

Ka-ching is the leading point of sales tool for ambitious shop owners who want to grow their businesses. Get limitless possibilities with our up-to-date software and point of sale inventory management. 


Boost your sales with a cloud Point of Sale system

Retail has changed. A few years ago, most retail businesses were face-to-face and manually storing all of their data from their Point of Sale. Local data storing includes prices of items, record of transactions and much of the data would usually be held on a PC or Server onsite – or held by a company network in the case of bigger retail chains.

Expand from one to many in no time

No matter if you have one or +50 stores, Ka-ching POS is perfect for you. Ka-ching is both scalable and flexible and always ready to keep your business running and growing. Add different markets, countries, locations or accounts in our back office and expand your POS inventory management system in a matter of minutes. Setting up has never been easier.

Sell more of your customers favourite products

With our point of sale inventory management. With our system, your store associates gain full control over your products and inventory. Everything updates in real-time, which reduces errors and maximizes your smart omnichannel point of sale inventory management system. 

Make the right decisions every time

With our cloud POS software. You are able to access all of your company's data from your device. Everything is updated in real-time and you can access your company's data no matter where you are. Get all the vital data and make smarter decisions.


How does Ka-ching's cloud based Point of Sale work?

Cloud Point of Sale systems are automatically storing and processing store sales data online instead of storing the data locally on a computer or on another server. Cloud retailer POS solutions like Ka-ching's cloud based Point of Sale System is designed for iOS devices and is both working on- and offline. Our best cloud POS works on both iPhones, iPod Touch and iPad. We think that best cloud based POS systems works with everyone. Therefore, we've made our system as easy and intuitive as possible to be able to provide the best cloud pos system.


What does cloud based POS mean?

Cloud is not a thing, but a metaphor for "internet". Cloud-based refers to the process of storing data online as an alternative to your local computer hard drive or on another server. But where does the information go? If you store your information in the cloud, your report can get stored on servers provided by a cloud computing provider. Cloud POS providers handle data hosting for you, and Ka-ching is using Google Cloud, which is the best and most secure provider on the market. 
Ka-ching cloud POS is mobile (unless your device is in a stand) and your business managers can check and use your sales data from anywhere. Every single detail is updated in real-time in the cloud, which lowers equipment costs. It's a massive advantage for store associates to use mobile POS as an interface. Ka-ching is the markets best cloud based POS to use as an interface to show customers products, details and give product recommendations. 
Since data is stored in Google Cloud's internet servers, Ka-chings cloud based POS system is fully functional with an internet connection. Standard POS providers have a not-so-well-working offline function. Ka-ching POS is still working smoothly offline, and we've done much work to minimise potential disruption to customer service – just in case. In other words, you're able to run your business no matter what happens.


A cloud based POS system compared to a locally hosted POS system

Ka-ching cloud based POS requires you to sign up online. You're able to sign up from any iOS device – whether you do it on your computer, tablet or phone doesn't matter. Afterwards, we'll send you a link to download the POS application which is ready to use and straight away. If you want to test our system, please let us know, and then we'll introduce you to the best cloud based POS in the world in our Showroom in Aarhus. Set up in your shop is usually straightforward, and we'll get you up and running in no time.

Compared to Ka-ching cloud based POS, the traditional onsite and locally hosted POS systems are costly and require hours of introduction with trained engineers. We provide that service as well, but it's never necessary. Software programmed to the shops specific needs and installation/setup on your local network is usually also a more protracted and more expensive process. You can't use onsite POS systems before hardware and software setup have been done, and it's stationary, which means you need a counter as well.


Costs and expenses

Ka-ching’s cloud based POS app is subscription-based and not necessarily based on a long-term contract. We'd happily help you to buy hardware, or else you're free to buy it on your own. Click here to see our pricing. Our plans are flexible, and you're able to scale up and down as you wish. You can connect as many devices to our systems as you wish.

Systems hosted locally usually requires long-term contracts. Locally hosted software requires more specialised hardware setups with a dedicated support team from the POS provider and much maintenance of both soft- and hardware.


Best cloud based retail POS

Ka-ching POS is created and designed for the retail sector. It comes with lots of features made to optimise your business in general. Click here to see a list of our advanced features. Furthermore, Ka-ching can integrate to partner platforms and has already many integrations. Ka-ching is the best cloud POS for retail. Software updates are done quickly over WiFi or a mole network connection. 

Ka-ching POS is as secure as it gets. All of your data automatically upload to Google Cloud, which is encrypted and unbreakable. Google Cloud is the safest place to store data. We've made sure that you never have to worry about your data. Usually, none of your data is stored in the POS devices unless it's on the offline function. If you lose your hardware, you'll still be able to access your sales data and system. You only have to get a new device. 

Compared to Ka-ching, onsite systems are not working outside the business premises. The software must get installed. The software only works within the connectivity range.

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