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Ka-ching is the leading point of sales tool for ambitious shop owners who want to grow their businesses. Get limitless possibilities with our up-to-date open source POS software.


Best Open Source POS

Ka-ching POS is created and designed for the retail sector. It comes with lots of features made to optimise your business in general. Click here to see a list of our advanced features. Furthermore, Ka-ching can integrate to partner platforms and has already many integrations. Ka-ching is the best cloud POS for retail. Software updates are done quickly over WiFi or a mole network connection. We have an open API.

Ka-ching POS is as secure as it gets. All of your data automatically upload to Google Cloud, which is encrypted and unbreakable. Google Cloud is the safest place to store data. We've made sure that you never have to worry about your data. Usually, none of your data is stored in the POS devices unless it's on the offline function. If you lose your hardware, you'll still be able to access your sales data and system. You only have to get a new device. 

Compared to Ka-ching, onsite systems are not working outside the business premises. The software must get installed. The software only works within the connectivity range.


The ancient relation between customer and company

Point of Sale is by far, the most essential point of contact between the customer and the company. That very point involves everything from economics to the management of the company as an establishment. Every business need a Point of Sale services to modify orders, calculate costs acquired, manage stock and to print receipts or invoices. Point of sale services are on the customer end also essential. Especially for managing time, order confirmation and for receiving detailed and enlightening invoices.


The devolopment of POS

Point of Sale services appeared in the late 1800s. Punch cards and coupons started the revolution. In 1883 James Ritty, an American mechanical, invented and patented the first cash register to segregate cash. Afterwards, IMB developed the electronic cash register which brought the invoice or receipt to the customer. From here Point of Sale developed with graphical cash registers and new software tools were developed.

In the last decades, both retail and POS software has evolved and today mobile phones and tablets are the new cores for POS software. The development has escalated and Artificial intelligence and biometrics will probably transform point of sale services even further. Amazon has advanced in the Point of Sale arena in the latest decade. They’ve gone from ruling e-commerce globally to expand. 

Today Amazon has made automated retail stores which seems futuristic. Amazon is the frontrunner in today’s Point of Sale world focusing on customer experience and customer/business contact. But what is a POS software tool today?


The POS software tool today

Today a POS software tool is an advanced electronic cash register. It’s graphic, keeps track of your sales and helps you manage your stock. Ka-ching is designed for retail stores and e-commerce businesses and is made to make sales and purchases convenient, efficient and accountable. 

Ka-ching takes care of everything from tracking your stock and inventory to managing your store associates. With Ka-ching you’re also able to scan barcodes and print receipts/invoices or simply e-mail them to your customers. You need a great POS software tool to run your business efficiently and optimise the utilization of resources. We've made an open source pos system with an open source pos software. 


The ultimate sales tool you can't live without

Traditional Point of Sale has developed into being one of the most important tools for running your business. Purchases and orders are made in a matter of minutes today with great speed and efficiency, and E-commerce platforms have grown outstanding. Ka-ching Point of Sale is a crucial software tool if you want to run a business in today’s world of retailing

Ka-ching has taken a step to make up with the speed of the customers. We’ve transformed the traditional POS into a mobile POS software tool enabling the store associates to keep up with the requirements of the customer. We’ve implemented POS software to function on iPads and iPhones which gives the store associate the possibility to place orders from where the customer is standing. We've made the best open source Point of Sale software on the market.


Do more and do better with our partner integrations

Ka-ching integrates and works seamlessly with a lot of best-in-class partner integrations. Therefore, you're always able and welcome to combine or have us integrate with the products you already like. Ka-ching has an open platform which makes it simple to connect your other systems like eCommerce, payments or accounting. You can even develop your custom extensions on our API. Get a portable and wireless POS system today!

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