iOS 13

Today Apple released iOS – and iPadOS 13 is just around the corner. The update brings a slew of new features like 'Dark Mode', many new photo and video editing capabilities, security and anti-tracking functionality and new multi-tasking capabilities for the iPad.

iOS 13

For iOS developers – like us at Ka-ching – the update provides even more things to play with:

  • SwiftUI is a declarative UI framework that lets us build beautiful and powerful UI experiences with less code and less room for mistakes.

  • SwiftUI is backed by Combine, which is a declarative API for processing values over time.

    At Ka-ching, we are particularly happy about Apple embracing this kind of technology since it validates the way that we have built apps since the foundation of the company.

    When Ka-ching was founded, we bet against the current status quo and built a foundation using reactive programming paradigms. Now almost three years later, Apple has chosen these exact paradigms for the future of their platforms – and we couldn't be more excited!

  • Catalyst is another toolkit provided in iOS 13 and macOS Catalina. It allows developers to bring iPad apps to the macOS platform.

    At Ka-ching, we are excited to see all of the great 'iPad' apps that will soon be available on macOS, and who knows - perhaps someday Ka-ching will be available on the mac! 😉

Did you know

With Ka-ching's dynamic theming engine, you have had access to a 'Dark Mode' in all of the Ka-ching apps since iOS 11?

In the Ka-ching Back Office, you can change the theme colours with a click of a button.

The theme syncs in real-time (like all data in Ka-ching), and by changing the background, everything in the User Interface will adapt to provide the best contrast fonts and icons.

Taking the first step into the wide world

17 September 2019

On October 11th, 2019 Ka-ching A/S launched its new website. It wasn't just another makeover of the appearance. It was the marking of a new beginning - a beginning with an international take and a whole new product strategy.

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