Website launch

Taking the first step into the wide world

On October 11th, 2019 Ka-ching A/S launched its new website. It wasn't just another makeover of the appearance. It was the marking of a new beginning - a beginning with an international take and a whole new product strategy.

Taking the first step into the wide world

After weeks of preparations and hard work, Ka-ching's website is finally up and running. It took blood, sweat and tears, and a commitment from the whole team to make everything fall into place right on time. The layout is improved, the content is updated, the graphics are different, but most importantly, the tone and the products are new.

Most noticeable is the change of language. Previously, the whole website and its content was written in Danish, but those days are over. Ka-ching is going international! We are no longer just focusing on supplying Danish companies with a complete and superior POS system. Our products should be available to all companies in the whole world, so everyone can enjoy working with state-of-the-art technology and design. Going international demands being international. Therefore, all the content on the new website is written in English. Now, everyone can read about Ka-ching and the products we are offering. You're welcome!

Besides going international, another big step has been taken. Ka-ching has namely outlined a brand new product strategy. This new product strategy consists of new products that together outline and define how we can realise the omnichannel potential for retail.

Ka-ching is now operating with four different products: Line Busting, Point of Sale, Tablet Assisted Sales and Business to Business.

Every product serves its purpose, but we promise you that no matter what product or what combination of products you chose, Ka-ching will optimise your business, your store associates and make your customers happier.

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