Version 10 is out 🚀

Summer is long gone and version 10 of Ka-ching is out.

The major themes in version 10 are:

Support for new VAT rules on gift cards

With version 10, Ka-ching supports the current legislation on the collection of VAT on gift cards. Read our blog post on this.

Advanced Back Office

The back office has a section for 'advanced configuration'. It will typically be used by integrators to configure and monitor integrations for external systems. Currently, the advanced configuration covers:

SMTP configuration

  • Import-integrations
  • Export integrations (web hooks)
  • Runtime integrations
Manual return

So far, you have either been able to seek a previous sale to make a return - or you have been able to scan a sales receipt to start a return. In Release 10, it is possible to base a product on the product catalog.

New UI for customer search

In the new UI, you can, among other things, see the customer's purchase history and through the purchase history, you can add the goods from a previous sale to the current basket.

Comments on product lines

It is now possible to add comments to each item line in the basket. This can be used to indicate special circumstances of the sale.

Support for Verifone terminals

With release 10, we support two more terminals, P400 and e285 from Verifone.

iOS 13

19 September 2019

Today Apple released iOS – and iPadOS 13 is just around the corner. The update brings a slew of new features like 'Dark Mode', many new photo and video editing capabilities, security and anti-tracking functionality and new multi-tasking capabilities for the iPad.

Taking the first step into the wide world

17 September 2019

On October 11th, 2019 Ka-ching A/S launched its new website. It wasn't just another makeover of the appearance. It was the marking of a new beginning - a beginning with an international take and a whole new product strategy.

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