Webinar: Omnichannel & den gode kundeoplevelse

Er du stadig i tvivl om, hvorfor det er en god ide at fokusere på den gode kundeoplevelse?

Så synes vi, du skal tilmelde dig vores webinar, der løber af stablen tirsdag d. 3. december kl 14.00-15.00

Her vil Kasper Holst fra Impact og Rasmus Houlind fra Agillic nemlig sætte fokus på den gode sammenhængende kundeoplevelse.

Alt du skal gøre er blot at tilmelde dig på linket: https://ka-ching.dk/webinar/omnichannel-og-god-kundeoplevelse/

🔥 Introducing TrendyTwenties 🔥

05 March 2020

A new decade has only just begun. An in light of this, we have invited prominent individuals from the retail business to talk about some of the trends and challenges they think will affect retail in the years to come. 

Getting ready for the new decade

21 January 2020

A new year is upon us and as the rest of the world is making their new year's resolutions, so are we. In the new year, we will make it even easier for you and your store associates to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

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