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Et nyt årti banker på

Ikke bare et nyt år, men et nyt årti. I det nye år vil vi gøre det endnu lettere for dig og dine butiksmedarbejdere at levere den ultimative kundeoplevelse.

Reserve & collect

1️⃣ Add to basket 2️⃣ Choose pick-up store 3️⃣ Collect and pay in-store

In our first release of the year, Ka-ching introduces a brand new function: Reserve & Collect. Reserve & Collect is designed to improve the cooperation between your e-commerce and in-store sales. 

As a new feature, your customers can assemble their desired basket online and reserve it for pick-up in one of your physical stores. All your store associates have to do is find the customer's order and proceed to checkout as usual.

Watch the video to hear Martin explain more about Reserve & Collect.


New design

🎆 New Year - New Look

Besides the launch of our new Reserve & Collect, we, here at Ka-ching, will jump-start 2020 by taking the first step towards a design upgrade suitable for the new decade. Welcome Tablet Assisted Selling.


Not only will the new TAS-setting provide your store associates with access to all relevant data on the entire product catalogue, it will also put the product in focus in a visual style worth showing the customers.


Other exciting new features to look forward to

🛍 A smarter and easier way to return many products

The return function is expanded, and it is now possible more comfortable, and quicker to handle customers, who want to return several products in one transaction.                    

🍾 Deposits on items

It is now possible to sell products subjected to an arrangement for a deposit on packaging, such as bottles. The deposits will be visible in the basket and on the receipts. You can configure these deposits in the back office. 

🕵️‍♂️New and improved design on product search 

The search function is slightly improved in both POS and the Stock app and has a new design, which makes it more user-friendly. For example, the stock number of online products will be visible in a search. 

🧾More information on delivery notes

The delivery notes have been updated. Now they contain more information about the customer. 


And as always...

Remember to update all of your Ka-ching Apps and make sure they are on the same version.

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Thomas Damgren
+45 71 995 985

Detailhandlen er ikke død – den er social

18 september 2020

Hvis vi ellers kan komme os over det piskesmæld COVID-19 har givet retail i form af online udvikling, så kunne vi kigge hen mod slutningen af 2020. Her vurderes det nemlig at kunderne kommer til at prioritere oplevelser over pris og produkt når de handler (Kilde: Walker).

For mange retailere mangler basale omnichannel features

15 september 2020

Kun 5% af retailere har de 9 features der skal til for at have det som IMPACT, har defineret som BASIC omnichannel. Det er et problem, mener Kasper Holst, CEO for IMPACT: “Når man ikke tilbyder de minimale krav for omnichannel betyder det mistede salg og mistede kunder. Man forringer positionen af sit brand og sin loyalitet”.

5 fokuspunkter du som retailer skal fokusere på under og efter Covid-19

11 september 2020

Covid-19 påvirker vores samfund og forbrugsvaner på nye måder i en grad, så det giver mening at tale om "the next normal" frem for "the new normal". Udviklingen går stærkt, og kun de retailere der formår at finde og fastholde deres kunder, har en chance for at følge med.

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