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Do you want to free your store associates from the counter and give them the opportunity of processing sales in the entire store? Create better in-store experiences? Boost your sales? Increase flexibility? mPOS is the solution!

Ka-ching mPOS - The next generation of retail

Today most of people are shopping online. The customers have become connected. It’s a development that has been going on for years, and it seems to be unstoppable. Therefore shops need to do something extra in order to keep the customers in real-life stores. Therefore stores must provide a shopping experience that’s not only exceptional but also personal. Given that the in-store experience does not live up to the customer’s experience, the customer will probably prefer to shop online next time. To ensure the extraordinary and personal customer experience, your store associate should have the opportunity to step away from the counter - but bring the point of sale system with them. Therefore, a mobile POS system is necessary.  

Ka-ching’s mPOS solution enables your store associates to transact and engage with the customers anywhere in the store - or even remotely - through any iOS device. With mobile access to proceeding a sale, finding product information and product recommendations, doing a search and retrieving customer information, your store associates are able to convert more sales without having to leave the customer’s side.

A mobile POS machine is the next generation of retail. By acquiring and implementing Ka-ching’s tablet assisted Point of Sale, you will see an immediate improvement in your business. Not only will you experience a boost in your sales due to the portability of the iPad POS system, but you will also get more qualified store associates able to supply customers with the information needed, and thereby creating a better in-store customer experience.

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Leading Mobile POS

Ka-ching is a tablet POS system which comes with a lot of benefits to your store associates and your business.

All in all, Ka-ching mobile Point of Sale systems for small businesses as well as large businesses will make you capable of providing a personal service experience that the customers are unable to get when online shopping. Here, the iPad POS app by Ka-ching is a new, valuable tool.

Excellence & Flexibility

Gather customer detail

Gather customer detail

With a mobile Point of Sale, your store associates can collect customer information before, during and after the sale from anywhere in the store. They will also get the opportunity to ask for the customer’s email address  - even for those not buying - to build and expand your customer database. You now have an excellent opportunity to exploit this information for future email marketing. 

Create a great experience

Create a great experience

Spare your customers for waiting time and long lines by serving your customers on the spot with product information everywhere in the store.

Enhanced customer service

Enhanced customer service

With Ka-ching mPOS, your store associates will turn into sales consultants and provide your customers with a personalised guidance on products, inventory levels, product recommendations, delivery methods as well as past purchase data. Make them capable of closing the sales right on the spot!

Increase flexibility

Free your store associates from the counter with an iPad POS software and make them capable of being in close contact with the customer through the entire sales process. 

Access your stock anywhere in-store

Deliver better and more personalized service by accessing your inventory on your mobile POS devices directly by the customer’s side. If the size or the specific model a customer is looking for aren’t in stock, your store associates have the opportunity to order the product and have it delivered directly to the customer. This creates a better and more personalised service when the customers visit the physical shops. Also, your store associates will have the opportunities the act as personal shoppers.   

Expand and grow faster

Ka-ching’s Apple Point of Sale makes it easier for all kinds of businesses to expand more swiftly into new location and geographies. This can be done with little to no investment in IT, because Ka-ching exploits the existing IT infrastructure, to get your online business into your physical store. 

Superiority & Optimisation

Experience additional sales

Experience additional sales

With a potable iPad Point of Sale, your store associates are able to act as personal shoppers. Follow your customers around the entire store and get recurring customers. 

Strengthen your store associates

Strengthen your store associates

Today’s customers demand great focus on the customer experience when they visit and shop in physical stores. By equipping your store associates with the best mobile POS, you will be able to offer your customers a consumer-friendly and tailored solution to their lives on the go.  

Sell anywhere, anytime

Sell anywhere, anytime

Complete sales in every part of your store. This will increase sales due to the flexibility to open a temporary pop-up store as well as provide service at off-site events such as fairs and exhibitions. This can even be done without an internet connection!

Employee efficiency

Employee efficiency

Your store associates can, with an mPOS solution by Ka-ching, carry information on every product available with them around in the entire store and at the same time manage the inventory at any time.  

Complete payments quicker

Use well-tested hardware and be sure that the payments are completed securely and rapidly. Moreover, you have the opportunity to line-bust and promptly get your customers through the checkout line. You are now able to manage long lines during the busiest part of the day or season and thereby avoid potential lost sales due to the long waiting time.

Speed returns

In rush hours, you are able to designate a return station with Ka-ching’s iPad POS system. In this way, you’ll avoid back-ups at the counter and, at the same time, service the customer on a more personal level, ensuring their satisfaction. 

Receive all kinds of payments

With POS and mPOS systems delivered by Ka-ching, your store associates are ready t handle all kinds of payments anywhere in the store. These payments include transactions through scan, swipe or deployment of the card as well as mobile payments through MobilePay, allowing your customers to use their smartphones to pay for their goods. 

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