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Innovation and adaptability are increasing demands in the current marketplace and retailers rely on software solutions as a provider of the answers. 


World-class POS hardware

Ka-ching delivers a top-of-the-art point of sale system, but we, however, also put great emphasis on the assets that are essential in driving sales: Up-to-date point of sale hardware that will keep your leading position in the retail market. POS system hardware is essential to your store, your store associates and your customers as the hardware devices do more than just process orders: They innovate the daily operations, maximise the productivity of your store associates, enhance the customer experience, and, ultimately, up your sales. With our portfolio of retail POS hardware, Ka-ching is capable of supplying you with the best POS hardware, to make sure your business is supported in the best possible way.    

We cooperate with superior POS hardware companies such as Apple, iZettle and m-POP to ensure extraordinary reliability and effectiveness that will benefit both your store associates and your customers. Retail point of sale hardware such compliment your business, not complicate it.    

We want to take the hard out of your hardware solutions. That’s why we have created several hardware bundles to match the specific needs of your shop. A POS hardware bundle ensures that you get going and stay going without problems, and if complications arise, our support team is ready to help you. We’ll make sure, that you’ll never miss a sale!


Leading Point of Sale hardware

Ka-ching supply your business with the best POS hardware system, including iPads and several different printers, scanners and terminals. We are able to deliver POS hardware for small businesses as well as large businesses. All of our hardware can all be customised to your shop’s specific needs, so the hardware suit your company in the best possible way.   

With the best Point of Sale hardware delivered by Ka-ching you are able to:

  • Make reliable deliveries 24/7
  • Maximise space and mobilise sales in-store
  • Offer a personalised shopping experience 
  • Fortify the role of the store
  • Rejuvenate your brand and inspire brand advocates

“But what hardware choices do you offer?”, you might ask. 



Ka-ching supports three different printers all able to connect to a cash drawer. 

TM-T88V is a reliable and easy-to-use POS thermal receipts printer made by Epson: a real breakthrough in POS receipts printer development. With an impressive and efficient print speed as well as multi grayscale printing for high-quality logo printing, you can supply your customers with perfect receipts in no time. Besides cutting costs with the automatic paper reduction function, you also cut down on waste, making Epson TM-T88V series better for your budget and the environment.  

TM-m30 is a compact and versatile POS thermal receipts printer also made by Epson. This printer is suitable for POS-environments based on tablets and is, therefore, a great match with Ka-ching POS. The printer has a stylish design and looks great in every retail environment. Also, it’s one of the smallest stationary POS-printers in the world, and it can, therefore, be placed everywhere. TM-m30 prints receipts in several grayscales with advanced printing functions for graphics and barcodes, making the layout of the receipts flexible.   

m-POP is an advanced POS solution that combines a Bluetooth POS receipt printer and a cash drawer. The mPOP has outstanding connectivity as well as a simple and elegant design. Its intuitive functionality and simple integration that are delivered ready to work with Ka-ching. 



Ka-ching operates with two different types of scanners: mPOP-scanner, that comes with the mPOP setup, and a Socket Mobile Scanner. Both of the small, handy devices allow you to ensure your flexibility in-store when using Ka-ching. Both scanners are fast, secure and error-free, and the integration with Ka-ching POS is effortless, which means that you can spend more time with your customers.



Ka-ching support a vast number of different terminal integrations. 

MobilePay ensures that payments can be made everywhere, anytime whether you sell climbing equipment in the woods or designer furniture in the store. An integration with MobilePay makes it possible for your customers to pay wirelessly with their phone, and different solutions for different companies exist. All you have to do is make a deal with MobilePay. 

iZettle makes it easy and quick to serve your customers with the smart iZettle Reader. The payments are fast, the battery lasts the whole day, and the design is robust. This terminal is easy to set up and easy to use, accept all standard credit cards and ensures that you receive secure and contactless card payments, leading to increased sales in-store. 

Verifone terminals ensure maximum security and flexibility and accept all types of credit cards and mobile apps. This means that you don’t have to buy extra equipment to take MobilePay. Everything is included! With Ka-ching, it’s possible to integrate to two different terminals: P400 plus, which is stationary, and e285, which is mobile - you choose what fits your store best. 

PayEx is one of the leading payment solutions companies in the Nordic region and with an integration to the IPP350 terminal, you are guaranteed a smooth and secure payment. It’s an ideal terminal for several daily transactions and integration with a POS system as Ka-ching.

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