POS Inventory System

POS for inventory management

Do you want to keep the leading position in today's competitive retail market? Get the leading POS and inventory system to help you run the business.


Boost your sales with a cloud point of sale system

We've created a software system that keeps you three steps ahead of your competitors in the vast developing retail world. With our time- and money-saving POS your store associates are able to fully focus on the customers and boost your sales.

  • Expand from one to many no matter if you have one or +50 stores, Ka-ching POS is perfect for you. Ka-ching is both scalable and flexible and always ready to keep your business running and growing. Add different markets, countries, locations or accounts in our back office and expand your POS inventory management system in a matter of minutes. Setting up has never been easier.
  • Make the right decisions with our cloud POS software. You are able to access all of your company's data from your device. Everything is updated in real-time and you can access your company's data no matter where you are. Get all the vital data and make smarter decisions.
  • Sell more of your customers favourite products with our point of sale inventory management. With our system, your store associates gain full control over your products and inventory. Everything updates in real-time, which reduces errors and maximizes your smart omnichannel point of sale inventory management system. 

Advantages of Ka-ching’s POS and inventory system for small businesses as well as large businesses

Our point of sale inventory system is an advanced sales tool made to increase your sales. We've transformed an iPad into a multi-tool where you can make sales, recommendations, sell online, be mobile and enhance customer experience.

  • Stay updated with our real-time update point of sale inventory management system and take a huge step in the right direction. Businesses who sell services might be able to survive with a cash register only, but if your business is product-based, our system will be a huge advantage. Our intelligent software keeps you updated and keeps you on track of your inventory. 

  • Access multiple business locations and keep track of every single detail happening in your business in real-time. You never have to worry about employee efficiency, theft or anything else. We've got your back.

  • Control markdowns and marking down prices in a matter of no time. Instead of going through all of your receipts at the end of the day, Ka-ching POS calculates the markdowns as soon as the sale occurs. Likewise, it is easy to promote your other promotions, discounts or coupons which can be tracked. It's also possible to track specific products or the effect of promotions of products in your new point of sales inventory management system. 

Gain control over your POS inventory system and control limitless amount of products

  • Expand product imports with Ka-chings inventory management software and enable your previous cash register or online store by importing a CSV or PDF.

  • Variants and combinations enable your store associates to create the various sizes, categories or colours you like and edit them in our all-in-one back office. Put products together and form new products, packages or gift baskets or create your products in your POS inventory.

  • Scan labels and barcodes by using existing item barcodes or create new ones. It's easy to add products to sales, go through with orders, stock-takes or returns. You can even connect a Bluetooth barcode scanner or use the camera on the back of your iOS device.

  • Organize products effortlessly manage your inventory by categorizing your products by type, supplier, code, handle, tag, brand. Make custom reports, inventory counts and keep track of and coordinate your POS inventory system. 

  • Easy product cataloguing in our centralized POS and inventory system, you can manage and sync your products across channels in one central system. Avoid double duplicates and eliminate errors.

Manage pricing across channels and customer groups in our POS inventory management system

Store discounts
Applying discounts to promotions and campaigns is comfortable with our point of sale inventory system software. Do so across all of your channels or apply them to individual stores. 

POS inventory in wholesale operations
Keep track of your business, manage your products and record your wholesale stock and sales operations.

Value your customers, staff or VIP members by applying special prices, discounts or offers. 

A retailers choice
Ka-ching has made it possible for you to connect to your CRM system to get customer data, purchase history and the option for repeat purchase right at hand. With Ka-ching Business to Business, you will, therefore, be able to support and serve you customers everywhere at any time no matter what they ask for. Thereby you will be able to increase your sales as well as the average order size.

Especially retail businesses benefit from the point of sale inventory management system; Tracking small units of inventory is crucial in retail companies. Ka-ching POS feed system feeds right into a lot of different accounting systems and allow you to use your data more efficiently. They feed in inventory numbers, sales, accounts receivable, returns and exchanges and a lot of other variables.


Do more and do better with our partner integrations

Ka-ching integrates and works seamlessly with a lot of best-in-class partner integrations. Therefore, you're always able and welcome to combine or have us integrate with the products you already like. Ka-ching has an open platform which makes it simple to connect your other systems like eCommerce, payments or accounting. You can even develop your custom extensions on our API. Get a portable and wireless POS system today!

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