Touch Screen Cash Register

Are your store associates using too much time completing a sale, retrieving information on customers or managing products? Are they, at the same time, feeling trapped behind the counter? Let Ka-ching improve your business with our touch screen Point of Sale system.

Leading Touch Screen Cash Register

A touch POS system is, unlike a traditional, stationary POS system, allowing your store associates to touch on a screen, typically an iPad, to complete purchases, retrieve information on customers and locate sales information. A touch screen pos system, therefore, gives your store associates a smoother workflow when handling customers as well as the opportunity much easier to find information to support the sales. 

Ka-ching POS is an iPad-based Point of Sale system and is therefore 100% a touchpoint of sale. Ka-ching’s system is a state-of-the-art POS with all the features and functionalities you will be looking for in a POS, but in a sleek and modern UI. Also, we have a dedicated a lot of focus on the Store Associate Experience supported by the touch screen cash register that will empower your store associates to sell both online and from the store in the same system. 

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Ka-ching is the leading Point of Sale system, and our touch screen cash register can operate both on a desktop or on a mobile device, allowing your store associates to step out from behind the counter and bring the Point of Sale to the customers. A mobile touch screen Point of Sale provides the best possible experience for the customer as well as for the store associates.

Touch Screen POS System

Besides making your store associates more efficient when processing sales as well as meeting the customers in the store space with an iPad full of product information in their hands, the sleek and airy look of an iPad complements most in-store interior design. The whole POS experience will be elevated by the touch screen and the look of the iPad as a cash register. 

Our touch Point of Sale will improve your business. Not only will the processing of sales, the management of products and the retrieving of information and miscellaneous reports become way smoother and easier, the customer will also receive a better and more informed service and time will be saved on mundane tasks. In other words, you give your store associates more time to use on what’s really important: the customer!  

We have made Ka-ching POS as intuitive as they come, to make sure that you use as little time as possible looking at the POS machine instead of interacting with your customers. We believe that POS system software shouldn't be complicated. All day-to-day operations in the back-office happens through an accessible and intuitive browser interface. Just by sliding your finger on the touch screen, you can navigate the POS device from the product grid to the basket to the checkout. A fast and intuitive navigation and check out, enabling store associates to handle transactions in just seconds. That is what we believe to be the best touch screen POS system.

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The advantages of Ka-ching touch screen POS

Take a huge step into the future of retail with Ka-ching POS. Our touch screen Point of Sale comes with many benefits to both your store and business, your store associates and your customers. There's nothing to dislike!

Easy navigation

Easy navigation

Whether you want to add a product to the basket, do a search, return a product or proceed to payment, the navigation in Ka-ching touch Point of Sale is done without complication. All navigation is done with the power of the touch screen. This means that you use your fingers to tap, swipe and scroll in the system. Nothing else. That's efficient. That's portable. That's Ka-ching.

Make smarter decisions for your business

Make smarter decisions for your business

With just the tap of a finger, Ka-ching touch screen POS delivers all the essential information you need in order to make great, data-driven decisions. The stock number, reports, sales history and contribution ratio are updated as soon as a sale is processed. This gives you a real-time view of how your store is performing, and with the Ka-ching Dashboard app, you are even capable of benchmarking all of your stores with one another.

Create a better in-store experience for the customer

Create a better in-store experience for the customer

Better store associates lead to a better customer experience, and great in-store experiences are the name of the game these days with the big competition from online stores. Ka-ching's touch screen Point of Sale is not bound to the counter, which means that the POS is portable. Your store associates are therefore able to bring the checkout to the customer - wherever they are in the store - and lines and wait time will be eliminated.

Ensure complete control over products and inventory  

Ensure complete control over products and inventory  

Over-selling and maximising stock levels across all channels can be reduced with Ka-ching's real-time inventory management. With Ka-ching touch screen POS system, you are able to track better the cost of the goods you are selling, see how a discount affects the contribution ratio of the basket as well as improve the bottom line by using all this data to determine your pricing strategy.

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