Ka-ching iOS Apps



With Ka-Ching Dashboard you can follow your shop directly from your phone.

The Dashboard app provides five different overviews: a time-based, a day-based, a week-based, a month-based and a year-based. Each overview consists of the following key numbers: turnover, contribution margin, contribution ratio, average item per sale, rating and most sold item.
All overviews can show key numbers for either all shops under the signed-in account or one specific shop. Furthermore, Dashboard will rank the shop based on their performance within the selected key number. The ranking takes its starting point in a 100-index multiplied the number of shops attached the account.



To secure maximum flexibility, Ka-ching has developed Ka-ching Stock.

Stock allows you to conduct both goods reception and status count directly from your tablet or phone by using either a connected scanner, the camera of the device or a manual search.


Second Screen

Ka-Ching Second Screen allows you to bring a customer orientation screen into the shop.

As the store associate goes through the sale, Second Screen enables the customer to watch as their items are being added to the basket. Also, Ka-ching Second Screen activate the customer if their e-mail address has to be entered.