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Learn Why Ka-ching POS is the Top Choice for Retailers

Ka-ching is an omnichannel Point of Sale software system that helps retailers create unforgettable retail experiences. Ka-ching fits medium- and large-sized retailers who want to grow their business and always be on top of the newest technology. Ka-ching is easy to set up, intuitive and highly well-functioning. To be blunt, we know that it is not easy to navigate on the market. With the different Point of Sale systems, it's hard to tell which one to choose, but if you keep on reading we promise that Ka-ching will surprise you!  In the following lines, you'll learn more about how Ka-ching will strengthen your business on almost every parameter.

Meet your customers where they are

Never miss a sale. Ka-ching is mobile and enables your store associates to complete sales from every corner of your shop. Include the customers in the sales process by standing next to the customer instead of behind the desk. Show and select products with your customer and give a more personal experience. 

Do inventory like no one else

Everything in one place. With our integrated stock-app, your shop assistants can check and track the stock directly from Ka-ching POS. By checking the list in Ka-ching, the shop assistant never leaves the customer. It's also possible to check the online inventory. 

Offer your customers whatever they need

Avoid showrooming. With Ka-ching, you have everything to offer. Sell online products directly from your shop and add the customers shipping information. Send offers, give discounts, create gift cards or provide your customers with necessary information on products from your shop or webshop. 

Customise your shop without a developer

Specialise and design your shop on your own in Ka-ching back office. Insert your company's logo, fonts, pictures and colours and adapt Ka-ching to your business in no time. The self-service function comes in handy when making, e.g. sales campaigns such as Black Friday.  

Stay updated on every detail and give the best recommendations

Embrace your customers. Ka-ching is updating in real-time and always provides your sales assistants with the latest product information. Ka-ching integrates with Raptor Smart Advisor, which is a leading and extremely advanced recommendation engine. The recommendation engine consists of intelligent algorithms based on big data. Suggestions are automatically generated as "recommended" or "related" products and appear when you scroll down under products.  

Safe, intelligent and state of the art software 

With Ka-ching, you have a reliable and perfect tool to get paid and increase sales. You can sell everywhere and accept almost any type of payment. Process card, cash or invoice payments from your device. Follow and analyse your sales, track your staff sales and do your books in no time. All of your sales data is available in the Ka-ching back office. It's even working offline. 

Get help from our world-class customer support

We want the best for our customers. Therefore our support goes beyond replying to e-mails. Don't hesitate to contact us on phone +4571995985 or e-mail Alternately - use our complete and free manual regardless of what plan you have.