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Everything you need to bridge offline and online to increase your revenue.

Point of sale (POS)

Clear basket
It is possible to remove all products in the basket with just one click. When the basket clears, all added discounts, comments and attached customers are deleted as well.

Open the drawer
With a connection to a stationary cash register, you can easily open the cash drawer through the menu no matter where you are in the store.

Add a product manually
Ka-ching has made it possible for the store associates to manually create a product which is automatically added to the basket.

Add an order comment
Through the menu, you can add a comment to the current sale. This comment will then occur in the basket and on the receipt.

Add a comment on a specific product
Form the basket you can add a comment on a particular product, let us say "discount because of a small stain".

Commence a return either by scanning the barcode on the receipt of the returned item or by using the menu to manually proceed with the return.

Manual return
Whether you can't find a previous sale in the system or you recently changed to Ka-ching, you can effortlessly make a manual return using Ka-ching.

Create and retrieve offers
Ka-ching gives the store associates the chance to either make or retrieve an offer on products, which are placed in the basket. You can either print or send the offer by e-mail to the customer.

Save sales
Ka-ching allows you to save an ongoing sale and resume to this given sale later, either at the same register or another. When the sale has been saved, you can add a comment to find the given sale. Thus you can create a floating basket, available at each of your registers in-store.

Show previous sales
Through the menu, you can quickly get an overview of previous sales and returnings sorted after the time of the checkout.

Cash counting
It is straightforward to close the register from the menu when the workday is over.

Manual Discounts
The cashier can add manual discounts to line items or an entire basket. Here the contributions ration can assist in making an informed choice about the discount amount.

Shop specific product catalogue
Naturally, you can share your product catalogue across all your shops, but you can also add a shop specific product catalogue for each shop. One use case for this is for franchises where a standard catalogue is shared, but each shop also sells other products of their own choice.
One use case for this is for franchises where a common catalogue is shared, but each shop also sells other products of their own choice.

Automatic Discounts
Ka-ching implements an advanced discount engine that can apply discounts based on specific criteria of the current basket contents.

For instance, you can model concepts like:

  • New price for 6 or more of a certain item
  • Percentage discount for 3 or more of a certain group of products
  • New price discount for products matching a specific tag
  • New price for 4 or more of a certain item that only applies to loyalty club members.

POS settings
All the settings for Ka-ching is easily accessible through the menu. Settings, such as language, printer connection and register name can be changed through this function. It is also from here the store associates logout.

Choice of store associate
After each checkout, you are required to choose the store associate, who is making the sale.

Deposits on packaging 
Ka-ching has made it possible for your store to sell products subjected to an arrangement for a deposit on packaging, such as bottles. The deposit will be visible in the basket and on the receipt.

Display product with YouTube and Vimeo
Ka-ching version 13 enriches the store associates with an extensive palette of information. Not only does the new release introduce a modern and functional design for Ka-ching TAS, but it is also possible to display products in the product detail through YouTube and Vimeo.

Adding time limits 
It is possible to add a time limit for discount campaigns.

Machine Learning
Get intelligent product recommendations based on the customers specific basket through our AI-implementation. 

See Key Performance Indicators
It's now possible to follow store associates performances in the menu. 

Blocking of customers
Block customers who've maxed out on their credit. 

Stock status in other stores
In Ka-ching POS, we have clarified which stores have the selected product in stock. Stock status is clearly displayed in each store, which is displayed with both name and address. When it becomes easier to see stock status, it also becomes easier to find the item and order it for the customer.

Configurable front page with 3 types of sections

  • Shortcuts where you can create quick shortcuts to, for example, give discounts, add customers or something completely different.
  • Best-selling products, where you can see the best-selling products.
  • Curated products where you can create a specific list of products.

You can add as many sections as you want, and all content in the sections can be easily maintained - either via Backoffice or via API integration.

Click & Collect
With Click and Collect your customers can assemble and purchase their basket online and pick up their orders in-store.

Reserve and collect 
Reserve and collect allows your customers to assemble their basket online and reserve it for pick-up in-store. Your store associate have to find the customer's order in your order sheet and proceed to checkout as usual.   

Reminder for the store associate
Ka-ching TAS has a built-in function that reminds the store associate to add a customer to the sale. The announcement will appear when the basket goes from being empty to containing items. This function is managed from the back office.

Camera scan
When TAS mode is enabled, camera scan with the built-in camera becomes possible. When scanning a barcode, all the details of the specific product will pop up. Thus your store associates are capable of supplying the customer with product details in no time.

Floating basket
Ka-ching has made it easy for you to assist your customers and secure your flexibility. With our floating basket, you can pass on baskets in between store associates to help provide the best customer service and advice everywhere in-store.

Product recommendations
Elegantly, Ka-ching TAS offers detailed product recommendations right at hand and allows your store associate to provide the best service as possible.

Send an offer
Allow the customer to contemplate the purchase by sending an offer by email right on the spot. Save the basket to be completed later.

Up sale/cross-sale
Allow your store associates to do upselling and cross-selling based on data from dynamic recommendation engines from your commerce site.

Add from webshop
You can create a stock location in Ka-ching that corresponds to the stock of your webshop. Doing that will display an 'Add from...' button when viewing product details. This will ensure that you never have to turn away customers in case the product is not available in-store.

TAS product info 
When enabling TAS mode, you also enter a whole new design when looking up product information. Here, the product will be the main focus and all the product information will be visible in a sleek and airy form you can drag up when necessary.

Sharing of documents
Document sharing connected to products is now possible through Ka-ching e-mailing service. 


Credit card
Ka-ching allows you to accept credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Visa Dankort. Depending on your terminal provider, you can use a card terminal to accept credit cards.

For a secure and wireless payment, the customer can pay with MobilePay. This allows you to stay flexible throughout the sale.

Ka-ching supports MobilePay v. 10, which means that the stores themselves can generate QR code for payment through back office.

With a stationary cash register, you can accept cash as payment. Don't worry about calculating the payback, Ka-ching takes care of that.

Split payment
In a single checkout, you can accept several different types of payments, for example, cash, credit card, Mobilepay and gift cards.

Pay over amount
You can accept a payment above the amount.

Payment in foreign currency
With just a click, Ka-ching allows you to accept a payment in a foreign currency.

Gift card
Ka-ching allows you to create and accept gift cards as payment. Gift cards can be printed or emailed to the customer.

Invoice payment
Ka-ching has made it possible for you to accept invoice as payment.

Customer account payment
If you do business with B2B customers who have an account in your ERP system, you can allow payments from this customer account. This payment type requires a custom integration to the ERP system.

Purchase types
Using purchase types, it is possible to vary prices or taxes based on the specific purchase situation.
This can for instance be used to model specific 'eat in' taxes commonly used in the US.


Contribution Ratio Indicator
If you provide cost prices for your products, Ka-ching is automatically able to calculate the contribution ratio for each sale. In the Back Office, you can configure the desired contribution ratio in percentages.
When this is configured, an indicator will show green if the desired contribution ratio is met. If the contribution ratio is not met but is positive, a yellow value is displayed. In case you lose money on the sale, the indicator will turn red.
Use this feature to allow your cashiers to make better-informed choices about up-sales and discounts.

Customer-specific discounts
For B2B customers, your existing ERP system may have particular discounts configured for each customer individually or groups of customers.
So in the case that our built-in discount rules are not flexible enough, you may add additional discount rules based on the customer number for the relevant customer.

Customer lookup
At any time you can do a customer-lookup in your custom catalogue directly from the product grid.
Are you conducting a sale for an account customer, you can attach the customer to their purchase with just a quick search.

Choice of store associate
After each checkout, you are required to choose a store associate. This ensures that your associate complete their sale under the right employee account. You are also able to choose another store associate at any given time directly from the product grid.

Previous sale
Through the menu, you can quickly get an overview of previous sales and returnings sorted after the time of the checkout.

Product grid

Sort your products in categories and find them in the tab with tags at the top of the product grid. When a tag is chosen, all the products labelled with this particular tag is shown.

Use folders to create structure in a big product catalogue and ease up the navigation for the store associate. The folders can consist of hierarchies such as 'Men' / 'Shoes' / 'Trainer'. With this navigation, only products labelled with all three tags will be shown. 


If you do a long press on a given product form your product grid, you will get to the detail-site of the specific product. From here, you can obtain a wide number of product details.

Product details
From the product site, you can see the full product name, the item number, stock status as well as the product details.

With a configuration on Ka-ching Platform, the detail site can show several variations of your products. This allows you to show all de different colours or sizes, in which the product is available.

Product attributes
You can add attributes to your products from the Back Office. The attributes become visible along with the product details of a product in POS, where they will be listed in a manageable table. Attributes could be colour, size or fabric.

Product recommendations
Are you in need of inspiration for similar products or add-ons, the detail-site of the product provides you with recommendations so you can deliver the best customer experience.

Ka-ching Apps

With Ka-ching Dashboard you can follow the status of sale in your shop directly from your phone. That is retail in real-time. Dashboard is the easiest way to keep track of your area of responsibility as either shop owner, chain manager or retail manager.

Second Screen
Ka-Ching Second Screen allows you to bring a customer orientation screen into the shop. As the store associate completes the sale, Second Screen enables the customer to watch as their products are added to the basket. Also, Ka-ching Second Screen activates the customer if their email address has to be entered for either the receipt or your newsletters.

To secure maximum flexibility, Ka-ching has developed Ka-ching Stock. Stock allows you to conduct both goods reception and status count directly from your tablet or phone by using either a connected scanner, the camera of the device or a manual search.



Ka-ching supports three different printers, each with support for connecting a cash drawer.

  • TM-T88V
  • TM-m30
  • m-POP
  • Citizen CL-E300 


Ka-ching operates with two types of scanners: Socket Mobile Scanners and m-POP scanner. The small, handy devices allow you to ensure your flexibility in-store when using Ka-ching.


Ka-ching supports a wide number of different terminal integrations.



With integration to MobilePay, payment can be made everywhere, anytime. Whether you sell climbing equipment in the woods or designer furniture in the store. All you need is a deal with MobilePay.



With the integration to iZettle, it is easy and quick to serve your customers with the smart iZettle Reader. Receive secure and contactless card payments and increase sales at the store.



With integration to Verifone you are ensured maximum security and flexibility. It is possible to integrate to two different terminals: P400 plus, which is stationary, and e285, which is mobile.



Ka-ching integrates with PayEx, which is one of the leading payment solutions companies in the Nordic region. With the integration to the IPP350 terminal, you are guaranteed an easy and secure payment.


Ka-ching provides a number of different reports, both on account and store level. You will be able to see the reports in your Ka-ching Apps.

X Report
Ka-Ching can quickly provide a snapshot of the overall sale, returns, annulled sales and cash draw openings. All you have to do is to create an X report through the menu.

Z Report
It is possible to print a Z report. This report is available when the register has been closed and it gives an overview of the day's sale and payments. 


A cloud-based platform, built to scale
Ka-ching operates with a cloud-based backend. This minimises both your TCO and upfront costs as well as your IT management overhead. Furthermore, it ensures auto-scaling for a growing business.

Localise data
It is possible to localize all of your data in the back office. This means, that data available in POS such as product name, product information, tags, folders and discount rules will adpat according to the language chosen in POS.

Multi markets
Is your business operating in different markets? This is not a problem. Create all the markets you want and add them to the particular shops.

Create different taxes and use them on the different markets your business operates in. 

With different markets comes different currencies. When creating a new product, update the markets and add the price of the product in each currency.

Create a shop for each of your existing stores. Each shop will get a menu with shop configuration, reports, stock, and shop specific products.


Integrate Ka-ching with Visma Business and get all product information, pictures and customer-specific discounts into POS. The integration not only ensures that all sales are synchronized with Visma Business but also the daily maintenance of inventory, credit customers, store counts and much more.

Highlighted features:

  • Product sync from Visma Business to Ka-ching
  • Stock sync from Visma Business to Ka-ching
  • Stock sync from Ka-ching to Visma Business by inventory count (in other words - Visma Business holds the truth about inventory count, but we can offer our common customers to use Ka-ching for inventory count)
  • Discount rule sync from Visma Business to Ka-ching
  • Customer lookup from Ka-ching to Visma Business
  • Lookup of customer-specific discounts in Visma Business
  • Customer account payment - payment type in Ka-ching looks up a given customer in Visma Business
  • Sales (and thus e-commerce sales) are synchronized to Visma Business (I do not know if order placement is fully in place yet, but possibly)
  • Checkout reports are synchronized from Ka-ching to Visma Business

With the integration with Shopify, you ensure synchronization of products from Shopify to Ka-ching. Ka-ching is automatically notified when a product changes, is created or deleted in Shopify. The integration avoids having to maintain all product data in several different places.

Highlighted features:

  • Product sync from Shopify to Ka-ching
  • Stock sync from Shopify to Ka-ching
  • Mapping of stock locations between the two systems
  • Customer lookup from Ka-ching in Shopify's customer database
  • Ecommerce sales in Ka-ching can place orders in Shopify

The Episerver add-on aims at making it easy to use the excellent capabilities and information in Episerver Commerce as a sales tool in retail stores by integrating with Ka-ching. When the add-on is installed, it listens for commerce data change events, and if configured with import URLs, it will send the updated data to Ka-ching

The Ka-ching app for Ucommerce adds automatic synchronisation of Products and Categories from Ucommerce to Products, Tags and Folder hierarchies in Ka-ching. The app can be configured to provide mappings of Ucommerce Price Groups to Ka-ching Markets as well as Ucommerce Culture Codes to Ka-ching Language codes.


Support team
Do you need any help? Don't worry! Ka-ching offers 24/7 support service for all your problems. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call 70500606 (Monday - Friday from 9 am to 4 pm CEST) or submit a request.

Ka-ching guide
Ka-ching Zendesk provides a detailed guide for everything you need to know about our apps. 

Ka-ching Developer
The Ka-ching APIs allow you to create flexible, real-time integrations to the Ka-ching system. You can import data like products, discount campaigns, stock, etc. to the Ka-ching system. You can also create webhooks that trigger in real-time based on data generated in Ka-ching. This data can represent anything from sales and stock events to register close statements. 

Finally, you can create integrations that are used by the Ka-ching apps at runtime. Such integrations include customer lookup, shipping options and much more.