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Ka-ching's mission is to provide seamless, connected customer journeys by enabling store associates to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

All omnichannel

All omnichannel

Import your investment in product data quality from your website to your store, and provide your store associates with digital value. Make your stores benefit from your digital investments.

Empower your associates

Empower your associates

Give your store associates access to all relevant data on the entire product catalogue right at hand. Help them give the best customer experience possible, everywhere in the store.

Know every customer

Know every customer

With Ka-ching, your store associates gain direct access to your CRM or loyalty club, including access to purchase history, address details and other information. Boost memberships as an integrated part of checkout.

Extended product data

Extended product data

Get easy access to all relevant data on a product to be able to answer any question the customer may have.

Camera scan

Camera scan

When scanning a barcode your store associates are capable of supplying the customer with product details in no time.

Real-time inventory

Real-time inventory

Get inventory overview right on the product page, both for products and variants, in-store or from other locations.

Customer relations

Boost your customer club

Prompt your store associates to advise customers to sign up for the customer club or newsletter right during the sales process.



Pass on baskets in between store associates to help provide the best customer service and advice everywhere in the store.


Upselling and cross-selling

Give your store associates the opportunity to do upselling and cross-selling based on data from dynamic recommendation engines from your commerce site.

Send an offer


Allow your customers to contemplate the purchase by sending an offer by email right on the spot. Save the basket to be completed later.


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Latest news

A new law on mandatory use of digital POS systems from 1.1.2024 in selected industries in Denmark

Today, there are specific requirements for the content of receipts from cash registers when selling goods to customers. From January 1, 2024, these rules will be extended to include a legal requirement for digital sales registration in certain industries. If you are running a business in Denmark, we will inform you about the new rules and equip you as best as possible to make the transition to a digital cash register easier.

Digital Cash Register vs. Traditional Cash Register: What's the difference, and why choose the digital one?

When it comes to efficiently handling sales and transactions in retail, cash registers have been an indispensable part of businesses' infrastructure for decades. Today, technology has evolved and opened new doors for modern point-of-sale systems, raising the question: What is the difference between a digital cash register and a traditional cash register? And why should companies opt for the digital alternative? Let's explore the crucial differences and advantages of both solutions.

Ka-ching - a smart POS system for iPads, iPhones and Macs

With the increasing demand for more advanced technologies in the retail industry, it's not surprising that cash register systems (POS systems) have become a popular solution for many businesses. POS systems can help automate the sales process and create a more efficient operation. In this blogpost, we will focus on Ka-ching's POS system and provide insight into its benefits.