About Ka-ching 

The past

The team behind Ka-ching is made up of experts who have worked with e-commerce, mobile solutions, user-friendliness and strategy through many years. We came together to solve a significant and current problem in our society: The death of shops. 

Our background and experiences are the reason we have found new paths. This means that Ka-ching POS isn't just another modernised IBM cash register from the 70's. The apps we have created is designed to make you think about sales and customer service in a whole new way.

The present

Modern consumers are shopping from home in the comfort of their couch instead of visiting the physical stores. That's why it's crucial, now more than ever, to create extraordinary buying experiences when the customers are finally showing up in the store. As a consumer, we would like to experience the security that good dialogue and personal, competent service imply - something e-commerce aren't and won't be able to deliver.

With Ka-ching, your store associate will be further developed into what we call 'The Digital Merchant'. The transformation will happen the second your shop starts using Ka-ching because our system makes it possible to sell online products in-store. Through data and digital expedients, the digital merchant is capable of creating an excellent buying experience as well as selling more in-store.

Ka-ching isn't just a futile cash register because it's designed to give the customer as well as the store associates something to talk about. Ka-ching is intended to include the customer in the sale, and the delicate design of the system makes you want to see more. That's the whole idea behind Ka-ching.  

The future

Join the movement and invest in the future. When you receive the price of your solution, you won't just obtain your licenses and some hardware. You'll get a highly functional system, it'll be close to cost-free and it'll become continuously updated with new exciting features. We'll take care of the further development to make sure you always have something to look forward to.

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