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Handheld POS

Ka-ching is made for medium- and large-sized retailers who want to grow their business and always be up to date with the newest technology. 

Boost your revenue with a portable point of sale system

Ka-ching POS is easy to set up, intuitive and highly well-functioning. Ka-ching is a state-of-the-art POS system with all the most lucrative features and functionalities. 

Easy setup

POS shouldn’t be complicated, and Ka-ching is as easy as they come. All day-to-day operations in the back office happens through an accessible and intuitive browser interface.


The one thing you need, above everything else, in a POS system, is reliability. Ka-ching POS is built on a rock solid foundation, that won’t let you down.


Let your POS help your store associates. Ka-ching offers an intuitive and straightforward interface that will put a smile on their faces.

Ka-ching POS can help you:
  • Increase your sales
  • Lower your transaction time
  • Sell everywhere, both in-store and online
  • Increase your productivity and focus on the customer
You will benefit from Ka-ching POS if you:
  • Use an old and traditional POS
  • Have more inventory online
  • Need flexibility, scalability, and reliability
  • Want happy employees and customers


Ka-ching POS comes with proven integrations to all significant terminal vendors, ensuring a fast and secure payment process for your store. 

Cloud-based backend

Ka-ching POS comes with a cloud-based backend infrastructure, that enables you to work efficiently with adaptions through a browser-based interface.


We have your back and offer remote on-call 24/7 support for your Ka-ching POS system. We don't want you to miss a single sale. 

Why Get a Handheld POS?


Bring your shop to life and transform your way of retailing

Why use Ka-ching's wireless point of sale system?

First of all, you're able to access your store anywhere and anytime. Ka-ching is cloud-based, and you can access your sales, products and reports in real-time no matter where you are. If your connection gets lost, it's still possible to use the sales system, and it will automatically update. Secondly, Ka-chings software is advanced but easy to use. We provide the best, most reliable, and most intuitive design and software designed for the future of retail. Our integration to Raptor Smart Advisor's sophisticated recommendations engine helps your store associates to make the best and most profitable recommendations and make smarter and more profitable decisions.

Grow your business. Ka-ching is fast and inexpensive to scale. Set up selling in no time, and add new staff, registers and locations in a matter of minutes. Ka-ching is frequently adding new features, and your business stays up to date with the latest inventions, designs and features. In short, our wireless point of sale systems gives your store associates five huge advantages.


Provide the best possible customer experiences

Concentrate on the most important things. With Ka-ching's handheld POS, your store associates can focus on providing the best possible customer experience and increase their efficiency at the same time. Our portable pos gives your store associates a significant advantage by providing all the necessary tools for payments, information on products and the best customer experiences. 

In today's digital world, the internet has entirely changed how people shop. The digitalization has made the world more accessible, and as a consumer, you are no longer bound to the physical frontiers but able to use shop online all over the world. Consequently, the competition for customers has never been harder, which has led to a development in the physical store concepts. E-commerce is vastly increasing, and over the past few years, we have seen a lot of traditional stores and chains close down. But traditional retail is not dead yet. We need to rethink the idea of retailing and portable point of sale systems is the way to go.

We at Ka-ching still see the physical stores as the ultimate place for the best encounter between the consumer and the brand. Therefore, we have developed a handheld POS system and a wireless pos system made to prepare you for the future.

Wireless POS

Sell in-store and online with our wireless POS system

Ka-ching's portable point of sale system is straightforward to set up and easy to use. It takes under five minutes to get to know the system. All day-to-day operations in the back office happens through an accessible and intuitive browser interface. Furthermore, the system is highly reliable and built on a rock-solid foundation, that will never let you down. With a wireless POS, your store associates can work everywhere - even online and outside the shop. In other words, you're able to meet your customers wherever they are and make sales from every corner of your shop. Quickly check if a product is available online through the POS interface and add online products to basket in the store.


Do more and do better with our partner integrations

Ka-ching integrates and works seamlessly with a lot of best-in-class partner integrations. Therefore, you're always able and welcome to combine or have us integrate with the products you already like. Ka-ching has an open platform which makes it simple to connect your other systems like eCommerce, payments or accounting. You can even develop your custom extensions on our API. Get a portable and wireless POS system today!

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