From webshop to omnichannel retail

With a desire to bring a piece of Japan into Danish homes, the couple Ida and Mads opened their webshop Seramikku 3.5 years ago – and the hand-picked Japanese ceramics, handicrafts, and interiors were a success with the customers. And in the spring, Seramikku opened their concept store in Aarhus' charming Latin Quarter with Ka-ching POS as the POS system.

Benefits in local support and easy setup 

It's quite intense to open a store, and many things just need to work – and a cashier system is one of them. Mads tells about the choice of Ka-ching: "Time was better spent for us, by letting competent people in that particular part handle the setup, so we could focus on the other things that come with a store opening. It was also pleasing to know that we have local support, so if something happens, we have help close and are not responsible for it alone – it just gives us peace of mind".

Store opening

Shopify & Ka-ching goes hand in hand

With an upcoming store opening, it became relevant with a POS system – and since the couple was already married to Shopify in their e-commerce solution, it was essential to find a POS system that supported Shopify's e-commerce platform. Therefore, the choice naturally fell on Ka-ching POS, as inventory management, order management, and customer databases were part of the package. At the same Time, Mads and Ida can feel confident that there is complete control over inventory and deliveries, as online orders in Ka-ching are placed within Shopify, and the warehouse is continuously updated in real-time when a product is sold or put in stock. With the integration between Shopify and Ka-ching POS, Seramikku gets the best of both worlds, allowing them to sell from the store and their e-commerce without restrictions.


More time for sales and operations

With 5 store employees and another 3 administrative users of the system, it has provided tremendous value for everyone in Seramikku that Ka-ching POS is so intuitive and that the user interface is easy to understand and, therefore, also to use. For Mads and Ida, for example, this means that when a new employee becomes part of their universe, people are self-propelled in 30 minutes – and this gives more Time for both sales and operations.

Highlighted features

Ka-ching are experts in retail
Why choose Ka-ching POS

Product synchronization

Avoid having to maintain all product data in several different places. Ka-ching automatically retrieves changes in real-time from Shopify.

Stock synchronization

Always up-to-date stock data that updates in real-time when a product is sold or in stock via Shopify.

Visible stock status

Both customers and employees have a clear overview of what is in stock of the individual products online and in-store.

Customer data in Ka-ching

Salespersons can sell based on purchase history when all customer information in Shopify's customer database is available in Ka-ching.

Online orders in Ka-ching are placed in Shopify

Easy processing of online orders, which are automatically placed in Shopify when it is made through Ka-ching.

Ka-ching Stock app

Use the Ka-ching Stock app to scan new items and count items. Shopify, of course, updates automatically.