Instant omnichannel experience on Episerver Commerce Cloud & Ka-ching

Ka-ching POS Announces Partnership with Episerver

Ka-ching partners and customers can now benefit from the very first complete integration with Episerver offering seamless customer experiences through Ka-ching POS mobile omnichannel sales tool.

Ka-ching, provider of a mobile omnichannel sales tool, today announces the launch of its integration of Point of Sale with Episerver. Ka-ching POS by Ka-ching empowers Episerver customers by using their existing infrastructure with Episerver Commerce Cloud by providing the tools to deliver a seamless customer journey across channels.

Highlighted features in the Episerver Commerce Cloud integration:

  • One-to-one replication of the product catalog in the Ka-ching POS App in the hands of your store associates enabling them to sell anywhere in-store  
  • Synchronises pricing from Episerver to the Ka-ching App ensuring the prices and inventory always align online and in-store in real-time
  • Product assets such as gallery images and PDF documents are synchronized to Ka-ching which enables the store associates to deliver a rich and immense presentation of all products in your organization, not just the products found in-store
  • All sales performed in your brick and mortar stores are delivered to Episerver. That includes both orders that need fulfillment through Episerver and sales handled entirely in the store so you can aggregate sales data in Episerver 
  • Unleash the power of your existing customer catalog by enabling Ka-ching to search for customers in Episerver and attach them to sales and orders occurring in the store so you can optimize your customer data

“Today, customers are expecting a seamless experience between online and offline, and only those brands who can deliver that experience will survive. Ka-ching POS for Episerver Commerce Cloud offers instant omnichannel and connects the online and offline experience, so retailers can meet the customers' expectations. It’s that simple. Welcome to the future of retail"
– Martin Sandvad, CEO & Partner

"We are excited about our new partnership. Being a leading e-commerce platform within the world of digital commerce, Ka-ching is a perfect partner for us. We look forward to delivering great commerce experiences together with our mutual customers".
– Nicholas Rohr, Global Alliances Manager at Episerver

About Ka-ching
Ka-ching Point of Sale is a mobile omnichannel sales tool with all the features and functionalities you’ll be looking for in a POS. Ka-ching is designed in a sleek and modern User Interface with a dedicated focus on Store Associate Experience. Empower your store associates to sell both online and from the store, in one system with real-time inventory and AI-driven recommendations. Ka-ching POS is a valuable tool to support your omnichannel strategy. Learn more at

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