Choose the product that’s right for your store

Ka-ching can grow with your business

Line Busting

Per store. Up to 3 devices
99 /mo

Point of Sale

Per store. Up to 3 devices
129 /mo

Tablet Assisted Selling

Per store. Up to 3 devices
149 /mo

Business to Business

Looking for our Business to Business solution? Don’t worry. Get a custom quote and let us find the right solution for you and your business.


Ka-ching support is here to help.

Basic Support

0 /mo
  • Basic email support
  • Non-technical issues
  • Non time-critical issues

Premium Support

Up to 5 stores
99 /mo
  • Email support
  • Technical issues
  • Integration issues
  • 2nd line phone support 24/7


Training of key staff (1 person for up to 5 stores) to be the main contact point between you and Ka-ching. This key staff gets access to Ka-ching phone support 24/7.

We also perform on-site training sessions for small or large groups of staff to introduce them to Ka-ching and the features of the platform. The session is typically 1-2 hours and held at the store, so all aspects of day to day operations can be evaluated.

500 /session

Set-up and Installation

We do a replica of your setup with printers and terminals locally to ensure that everything in the setup runs smoothly. Once everything is tested with payments and printers, we bring the equipment into the store. At the store, we connect with the Wifi and test all processes before making sure that a sale can be completed at the store.

1000 /store

Custom Integration

Every digital setup is different in some small way, and even though we have made an effort to standardise integrations to other software systems, some sort of customisation might be required. At Ka-ching we will be happy to help you with the small modifications, but we recommend that you work with your normal trusted digital agency, that can help with creating modifications to make the software work.

6 i sommerferien? ☀️

Det skal du få! Med vores nye podcastserie “6 i sommerferien”, kan du køle ned i sommervarmen med Ka-ching i ørene. 🎧⛱ Henover de næste 6 uger, sætter vi hver fredag fokus på et nyt afsnit i vores podcastserie, der kommer forbi et bredt udvalg af emner inden for retailbranchen.

Can you set aside 30 minutes?

Retail is not supposed to be complicated. If you invest 30 minutes of your time, we'll give you insights on how Ka-ching bridges retail and online and boosts your growth in return.
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