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Skagerak empowers store associates with Ka-ching to transform the in-store experience

Ka-ching is now having the pleasure of supplying Skagerak with both a POS and a TAS system that fit the company's visions and objectives perfectly.

Making sure a retailer can handle sales everywhere at any time

Skagerak is a family-owned company whose roots are deeply grounded in Scandinavian design and tradition for excellent craftsmanship. For more than 40 years Skagerak have been crafting long-lasting furniture and accessories with a modern, Nordic touch. Ka-ching is now having the pleasure of supplying this company with both a POS and a TAS system that fit the company's visions and objectives perfectly.    

A POS system that fits the concept of the physical store

Skagerak replaced their old POS system with Ka-ching for several reasons. First of all, their old POS was too complicated and slow, which was a barrier to the sales process. They needed a new and updated POS system to optimise the sale in general.

Second of all, the old cash register didn't fit into Skagerak's physical store and concept. The cash register was too big, and the store associates found it unsightly - factors that didn't match the store's concept.  The Skagerak store is light, stylish and minimalistic. With Ka-ching implemented, the sleek and elegant look of an iPad as the cash register completed the spirit of the store. Ka-ching fits the concept of Skagerak's physical store perfectly.

Tablet Assisted Selling supports the sale of garden furniture

One of Skagerak's primary product categories are garden furniture. All of Skagerak's garden furniture is located outside in the store's backyard. The customers love to walk around in the cosy backyard but being a store associate outside made the sales process more complicated. With the old POS located inside the store, the store associates had to remember every product detail by heart or walk inside.

With Skagerak's new Tablet Assisted Selling system by Ka-ching, the store associates now have the whole product catalogue at their hands. Now they're able to provide their customers with all the information they need - even though they are outside. Another advantage of Tablet Assisted Selling is the fact that the store associates don't need to go inside to do the checkout. They are now able to do the checkout no matter where they are.   

Easing up Skagerak Stock Sale with Ka-ching

Every year, Skagerak hosts a stock sale where customers can make a great deal. The stock sale is well visited, which previously have caused lots of long lines, a stressed atmosphere and busy store associates. With the implementation of Ka-ching, the annual stock sale runs a lot smoother.

Instead of calculating everything themselves and using double paper to complete the sales, Skagerak is now using Ka-ching. At this year's stock sale, Skagerak brought nine cash registers with them. That resulted in the store associates not being so tired from calculating everything themselves and the expeditions to run a lot faster than before. The store associates said that Ka-ching made it easier to keep track of the ongoing sale, and because of the optimised sales process, the customers were happier. Best of all: The set-up took 10 minutes. 

Ka-ching is easy to set up and easy to use. This setup with 8-9 registers didn't take more than 10 minutes to set up. Easy to work with, easy to use - I recommend it!
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