Ka-ching for Sitecore Commerce

We just did our first proof of concept solution with Sitecore Commerce for Sitecore Symposium.

Partnering with Alpha Solutions US we whipped up a demo of the possibilities when using Ka-ching with Sitecore Commerce, and it is awesome! We managed to import product data and prices and set up a pipeline for exporting sales made in Ka-ching into the Sitecore Digital Experience Manager.

We're super excited about the potential of using Ka-ching as a natural extension to Sitecore Commerce for doing in-store tablet assisted selling.

Who will benefit from this integration?

Implementation partners, who work with Sitecore, will take great advantage of this implementation. The integration namely ensures that the investment made in Sitecore setup can be transferred to the physical store. That means having all your product data right by your hand, and to us, that’s leveraging existing technology!

Bringing Sitecore to your store will also mean that in-store sales will enrich your personalisation. Overall, you will be able to create an unsurpassed customer experience with this integration.

Short demonstration between Ka-ching and Sitecore Commerce

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What's New in Ka-ching version 13

We can probably all agree that the world is upside down at the moment. But despite hard times, we need to keep things going and prepare us for when things get back to normal! 

Today, we are excited to introduce new customer identification capabilities, Click & Collect and much more to further the experience for our customers. Read on to see what’s new in version 13.

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