Online grocery shopping

In the seventh episode of 15 Minutes on Retail Martin Michael Frederiksen and Carsten Pahlke are talking about online grocery shopping, customer relations and customer service. 
NB: Danish language

Three of today's questions:
  • How do you make sure to be up-to-date on your competitors? 
  • What do your customer service employees mean to your sales?
  • How do you ensure the quality of your groceries?

Heidi Svane

In the first episode of 15 Minutes on Retail,Martin Michael Frederiksen and Heidi Svane are talking about achieving success in business, the rising threat from Amazon and about the danish retailer's future challenges.

Henrik Libak

In the second episode of 15 Minutes on Retail, Martin Michael Frederiksen and Henrik Libak are talking about customer service, e-commerce, buying experience and the future of retail.

Majken Pape

In the fourth episode of 15 Minutes on Retail,Martin Michael Frederiksen and Majken Pape are talking about white goods, segmentation, filtering, Click&Collect and loyalty.

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