Ka-ching version 20

Ka-ching version 20 is ready for download

Ka-ching version 20 is now ready for download - and that means your Ka-ching team has been working on new and better functionalities in the platform. What is unique about this release is that many of the new features have been in direct demand by our existing users. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that you can already take the latest release into use.

Ka-ching version 20 is ready for download

What has been in focus?

The stock functions have been given a thorough boost, which provides extra tools within the workaround stock numbers and export.

Among other things, you get a new stock information screen that allows you to view and export all stock events. In addition, stock removal events can be grouped to add as many events as you want - and use the same cause, comment, or documentation for multiple events at once. The new features create, for example, increased efficiency during inventory counting. At the same time, you can now also add photo documentation when you remove items from stock. Likewise, Back Office can remove items from the warehouse immediately.

We have also focused on making the app better at displaying synchronization modes. These new features ensure that you always see if the app is synchronized during inventory counting and that the numbers are also updated in the system.

We hope you enjoy the new opportunities in Ka-ching POS.

And as always…

Remember to read the Release Notes and update all your Ka-ching apps to be the latest version. The overview of all the new features in this version can be found here (link to release notes).

Look forward to the next version of Ka-ching POS

As a small teaser, we can already now reveal that the next version will be exhilarating for those who have a Shopify solution today – or might soon have one.

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