Ka-ching version 22

Sell on Zalando – more customers with a small effort

Summer is over – and many of us are back working hard for our business again. We've spent the last month trying to get you better sales opportunities. We have done this by making integration between Zalando, aka Connected Retail, and Ka-ching POS. In that way, you can create more customers with a small effort. With the new integration, your Ka-ching POS is still fully updated in stock status when you sell an item through Connected Retail.  

Sell on Zalando – more customers with a small effort

New: Ka-ching integration to Connected Retail

The new integration to Connected Retail sends hour-by-hour inventory and price updates from Ka-ching to Connected Retail. The stock in Ka-ching is updated if you receive an order placed on Zalando's platform through Connected Retail. In addition, you can create sales statistics from Zalando directly in Ka-ching and have both sales data from the webshop, store, and Zalando in an overview – and therefore have a better basis for comparison and the opportunity to make accurate decisions based on future assortments and sales.   

Ka-ching Stock is now (even) more efficient!  

We have also updated our Stock app to ease the workload of receiving new items. With the update of the Stock app, it is now possible to work with entire sales orders at goods reception. It eases the flow quite a bit for you. Suppose you have access to digital delivery notes for purchase orders. In that case, you can now scan the delivery note from the Stock app and receive the items as lots instead of scanning each delivered item individually.   


And as always ...

Be sure to read Release Notes and update to the latest version through the Apple App Store — and get your Ka-ching Connector for Shopify from the Shopify App store.    


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